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Delight Pack (15 Bonsai Packs)

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Pour les abonnements, les chewing gums sont automatiquement envoyés selon votre choix. Vous pouvez modifier ou annuler votre abonnement à tout moment !

Find 15 packets of Bonsai in our delight packs, to enjoy your favorite natural chewing gum every moment!

A natural, biodegradable and plastic-free composition

Discover our Bonsai chewing gums with the good taste of fresh mint, spearmint and lemon!

A chewing gum from sapodilla tree sap, extracted with respect for the forest, and natural flavors of fresh mint (mixture of peppermint and field mint) and spearmint... All is 100% natural and above all biodegradable because organic and plastic-free ♻️

For a chew that leaves no traces

Because they are entirely composed of natural ingredients and do not contain polymers (plastic), our Bonsai chewing gums are the right choice for your health and for the good of our beautiful planet 🌍💚

We push the biodegradable side to our packaging: the chewing gums are packaged in an FSC-certified recyclable cardboard box and wrapped in a transparent film made from vegetable cellulose!

Each box contains 10 dragees of 2 g.

Total weight: 20g.

    Natural ingredients

    • Base rubber of natural origin
    • Natural aromas of spearmint for Green Mint Bonsai, and peppermint and field mint for Fresh Mint Bonsai
    • Sweeteners: birch bark sugar (xylitol), steviol glycosides extracted from Stevia rebaudiana leaf (0.15%)
    • Thickener: gum arabic
    • Glazing agent: carnauba wax
    • Humectant: glycerol

    Organic, Vegan, Plastic Free and Made in France

    For you and to offer you healthy confectionery: this is our raison d'être, our mission!


    Free from €30!

    natural chewing gum

    → Natural composition: made from tree sap
    → Plastic free and 100% biodegradable
    → Scented with natural aromas of spearmint, peppermint and field mint
    → Without sugars, without aspartame, without BHT, without nanoparticles
    → FSC-certified recyclable cardboard packaging, wrapped in a biodegradable film made from vegetable cellulose
    → Developed by a French start-up
    → Produced in Italy