Configuring cookies

1. What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file saved on your computer or any other mobile device when you browse a website. In general, cookies are used to optimize your navigation on a site, save your preferences, keep your connection data, etc. There are different types of cookies that differ in their origin, function and lifespan. For more information on the types of cookies, see the following page: .

2. What do we use cookies for?

Improve the use and functionality of our website;
Improve the services we offer you, by analyzing how you browse the site and compiling statistics;
Personalize your browsing experience.
We use "necessary" cookies which are essential for the functioning of our site and "non-necessary" cookies to allow us to collect statistical data on visits. Take the time to read below the use we make of each type of cookie and, if necessary, to authorize or not their use.

3. Cookies used

3.1 Necessary cookies

These cookies are intended to save your browsing preferences and are essential for the proper functioning of the site. We place information such as your choice regarding the use of cookies, whether you wish to see a specific area appear, or any other change relating to your browsing preferences.
The following functions are possible with these cookies:
Save the products you have placed in your basket;
Save settings like language, way to show results, …;
Recognize abuses on our website, such as several successive unsuccessful logins;
Save your credentials so you don't have to re-enter them;
Save your delivery preferences.
    As these types of cookies are essential for the proper functioning of the site, we do not offer the possibility of disabling them. However, you can still block them as explained below in section 4 “How to disable cookies”.

    3.2 Analytical cookies

    In order to determine which content on our website appeals to you the most, we need to know them better. To do this, we use the anonymous data we collect for statistical purposes, such as:
    Record the number of visitors to our website;
    Determine which parts of our website need to be changed;
    Record the journey that visitors take on our website;
    Log time spent on our website/pages.

      3.3 Cookies used for marketing purposes

      The cookies used for marketing purposes allow us to send you targeted advertising messages and/or to adapt the content and/or advertising displayed to a particular user. In this context, we use the remarketing features, advertising reports and demographic and interest reports of Google Analytics in conjunction with the Google Ads tool.
      No personal or sensitive data is stored in the cookies of our retargeting partners. In addition, the data collected will not be merged with data allowing the identification of our visitors.
      If you wish to personalize or deactivate the use of data and cookies that are used in this context, you have several options:
      Install a add-on to your browser to deactivate Google Analytics,
      Control the personalization of ads on the web and on Google search,
      Disable the collection of data carried out in this context during your subsequent visits to .
      Nevertheless, we would like to inform you that even if you deactivate these marketing services, you will still see advertisements. These advertisements could be adapted, for example, to suit the content of the site These advertisements will in no way be based on your profile or data.
      If you do not agree with the use that the site makes of cookies, you can always deactivate them in your browser. Note that your experience on our website will be greatly degraded.
      You will find below the documentation pages explaining the procedure for the most commonly used browsers:
      Mozilla Firefox:
      Google Chrome:
      Microsoft Edge: