Gumdrop, the recycling solution for plastic-based chewing gum

For an environment free from chewing gum pollution

For a greener and cleaner environment, Bonsai is partnering with British company Gumdrop to end the scourge of plastic pollution from chewing gum . Our objective ? Propose an innovative chewing gum recycling solution!

Chewing gum is the second source of pollution on our streets, just behind cigarette butts. Being made from polymers (plastic), chewing gum is not biodegradable, and, too often thrown on the ground, it makes our streets ugly and pollutes waterways.

It is in this context that the British company Gumdrop, founded in 2009, has developed a unique concept: a closed loop recycling process around recycling bins dedicated to chewing gum!

Thus, these bins are themselves made from the plastic of chewing gum. Once full, they are removed and recycled with their content to make objects made from recycled chewing gum (cups, plates, reusable straws, etc.) and new recycling bins, thanks to Gum-tec® technology. This creates a virtuous circle where nothing is thrown away or wasted, while improving the cleanliness of cities, reducing cleaning costs and reusing plastic!

In this context, Bonsaï and Gumdrop are joining forces to implement this chewing-gum recycling project in France. From this month of April, Bonsaï will distribute Gumdrop bins there and will be in charge of the British company's first French project.

The Gumdrop bins will indeed be tested for 4 months in 10 service stations of the TotalEnergies group, all located on the main axes of the Paris region. A launch operation for Gumdrop bins will be organized at three pilot service stations during the Easter holidays. Follow us on our Instagram account and around the hashtag #RecyclezVotreChewingGum to find out more…

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