Zéro déchet : dans notre salle de bain !

Zero waste: in our bathroom!

Second episode of our series of articles on zero waste tutorials and tips. Today we are going to the bathroom...

DIY, what is it?

DIY ( do it yourself ) is a concept that aims to make products, objects or clothing by your own means using new or recycled materials (which will be our case).

You can use DIY to give objects a second life, if you want to substitute chemical beauty products for natural products, or if you like manual work.

How is it useful?

This concept can reveal many ecological advantages: we no longer throw away, we reuse. But also economic advantages: replacing industrial objects/products with others that are more natural can cost less, while recycling old objects limits the act of purchase and the carbon impact for the planet.

If you are already a DIY enthusiast or are tempted to do so, you are on the right track. In addition, this activity develops creativity and innovation!

Our favorites for the bathroom:

For our zero waste special bathroom article, we are going to use DIY to create our own beauty products, and revamp this room in green design ...

Continue here, you should really like it!

  • Basic and nice: if you used egg whites to make meringues or cat's tongues, get the yolks! Mix them with a tablespoon of olive oil and you have a homemade, anti-waste hair mask. In addition, the egg yolk makes the hair very soft and supple and the oil makes it shiny! What else?
  • This afternoon, are you planning to make rice to accompany your dish? Perfect ! Rice, which consumes a lot of water, will allow you to grow your hair even faster! How ? Use rice water with a spray bottle or as a rinse on your hair, it will do them a lot of good!
  • After the beauty tips, the decoration tips! Are you running out of storage in your bathroom? Use fruit, or rather their crates... After buying fruit trays (which are excellent for your health), reuse the crates for storage. All you have to do is paint it and fix it to the wall, to have a design, natural and anti-waste result;)
  • There's no doubt about it, great do-it-yourselfers that you are, do you have an old ladder handy? If so, we have a decorative idea for you... This ladder leaning against a wall becomes a trendy, eco-friendly and economical towel rack that you can move wherever you want.
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