Zéro déchet : dans notre dressing !

Zero waste: in our dressing room!

Third episode of our series of articles on zero waste tutorials and tips. Today, we head into the dressing room to find interesting ideas...

Second hand, what is it?

The purpose of the second hand is to give new life to articles and clothes already worn or not, by buying them. This practice is becoming popular: more and more people are adopting it to avoid buying new items that are expensive and pollute. You can buy second-hand items via applications (Vinted, VideDressing, etc.), in thrift stores, in stores like Kiabi, Okaïdi (which take back second-hand items from their old collections)… It is increasingly easier to find these days!

In 2020, according to a Kantar survey devoted to the French second-hand clothing market , 29% of French people buy second-hand clothes, and 51% of French people would like to find second-hand clothes in stores. This study can predict a democratization of this mode of purchase, which would allow our planet and our wallet to be better.

Why this craze for the second hand?

“Fast fashion” refers to fashion that pushes us to consume very often and therefore always more. The collections are renewed every week, there are more and more choices, not to mention the famous sales that attract people. In short, the phenomenon of overconsumption is striking.

The second hand also makes it possible to make slightly more luxurious items accessible, since at attractive prices because they have potentially already been worn. There are many reasons that drive consumers to change their mode of consumption and turn to second-hand; we can identify two main ones, which are that it saves money and that it reduces the environmental impact.

You should know that textiles are now the second most polluting industrial sector in the world, with many companies burning their clothes once the season is over so that the pieces are not sold to the general public at a reduced price! Our ecological conscience then leads us to this mode of purchase.

Now that we have convinced you to buy second-hand, we offer you some tips so as not to throw away! (Might as well become responsible until the end…)

  • What if this long-worn jacket that has now tired you, was transformed? If it is in tweed, velvet or even if you have a satin garment, we suggest that you reuse it as a cushion cover. In addition to freeing up space in your dressing room, you will have a new free cushion, chic and useful.
  • Kids are adorable, but they grow up so fast… Didn't you throw away their baby clothes? Great, you can then make cuddly toys! They will be resistant, very personal and very soft. All you have to do is roll them up, fold them, add eyes, mustaches, etc. We trust you, with a little inspiration (and Youtube tutorials) you'll get there in no time!
  • It's winter ! The temperatures have been negative for the past few weeks and your hands have probably had cold hands... Don't panic, if a cold snap returns, you'll have something to warm them up. Take an old sweater that you no longer wear, cut two pieces of fabric following the shape of your hand and sew them together. Fast and very hot, you are ready!
  • Now that you've sorted through your closet, do you perhaps have empty hangers? Get them, we found them a new mission. You can use them as magazine racks: all you have to do is hang them on the wall using a nail, and place a magazine astride the bottom bar. Vintage and practical!
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