Zéro Déchet : dans notre cuisine !

Zero Waste: in our kitchen!

Here is a new series of articles with zero waste tutorials and tips, targeted by rooms in the house and everyday objects! Let's go into the kitchen to find some ideas...

Bulk and more bulk!

The products generally offered for sale in bulk are cereals, dried fruits, pasta, rice, sugar… Why should we all shop according to this concept? Quite simply because the bulk reduces the amount of waste and in particular plastic waste!

Buying like this allows us to bring our containers to the store and fill them. For example, you can use glass jars (like jars of jam, mustard or even olives) or use fabric or paper bags (as resistant as plastic bags but biodegradable!) can reuse as long as they resist! In addition, every year in France, 10 million tons of consumable food are wasted: bulk is one of the ways to fight against this scourge.

How it works ?

The concept is based on the idea of ​​using the desired and necessary quantity according to what we have planned, which avoids buying in too large quantities or that the ingredients end up in our garbage cans. The icing on the cake, this method of purchase is a way to fight against over-packaging. We have all seen rice sachets sold in cardboard or individual cakes packed in sachets and then cardboard…

In short, bulk is great for reducing our amount of waste, our food waste and if we want to stop paying an even more expensive product because of its over-packaging!

A few more ideas

Continue here, we have also unearthed our favorite ideas for zero waste!

We have selected just for you, several little DIY tips to recycle your waste or old products present in your kitchen. Here's something to inspire you:

  • What if your canned goods had a second life, rather than ending up in the trash (recycling of course)? We suggest that you repaint them with a paint suitable for ironing and simply put them on your desk to make a pencil holder. In your kitchen, this tin can becomes a cutlery basket (make a hole in the bottom for the water to drip) or put your toothbrushes in it in your bathroom!
  • If you are addicted to coffee capsules, do not hesitate to reuse them in a small plant pot. All you have to do is put a little soil, the plant of your choice and you're done! Another tip: if you have a lot of them and you are looking for where to put these new flower pots, we advise you to hang them on thread, string, raffia and hang them in a place where there is a little lack of greenery !
  • Do you love our ideas? Here's one last one! If you have quite nice and small glass bottles (liquors, water, etc.) you can reuse them in a useful and very design way. You are offered to buy a soap dispenser pump and integrate it with your previously cleaned bottle. Fill them with the liquid soap of your choice and here you are with a new eco-friendly and unique soap dispenser!
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