L’importance des saisons pour le choix des fruits et légumes

The importance of the seasons for the choice of fruits and vegetables

We all know it, we are invaded by packaging! Just look at the pace at which our yellow trash can is filling up...

After talking about consumption with zero waste for the parts of the house, we tackle the reduction of our waste during our food shopping.

47.6 kg of household packaging per inhabitant and per year

In fact, we throw away almost 50 kg of packaging per year (cans, cardboard, plastic, etc.). Although sorting for recycling helps to avoid waste, our impact on the environment is not left out.

This is why a short course on Zero Waste races is essential!

Your bags will be your best friends

The first thing to do is to equip yourself with reusable bags. Plastic bags having been removed from stores in 2016, it becomes necessary for you to bring your own shopping bag. There are now organic cotton tote bags to avoid the reusable plastic bags of the big brands.

Equip yourself with glass jars

To buy in bulk, you need the right equipment to transport and store your food. Glass is an ideal material for bulk because it preserves food very well and can be recycled. You can recover the jars of the jars of jam and those of pickles for example.

You can put all types of food in these jars: pasta, rice, dried fruit, flour, sugar, spices...


The phenomenon of bulk shopping is slowly arriving in France and is not always understood by our merchants. It therefore takes a grain of courage to ask your cheese maker or butcher to put your purchases in your personal box and not in the packaging they usually use.

Research is needed

In recent years, the supermarkets that we all know have started selling certain foods in bulk, but not all! So you can find out which stores sell their products in bulk in your city.

You can also pick up your food immediately from the producers, this avoids the transport of products and helps support our local merchants.

With all these tips, you should reduce your packaging waste and make a significant gesture for the planet. With a little organization and equipment in terms of jars and fabric bags, you will become a zero waste professional.

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