Les bienfaits insoupçonnés du chewing-gum

The unexpected benefits of chewing gum

If you read our blog, you are surely a fan of chewing gum. But you may have already been confronted with the many received ideas about this confectionery... Today we offer you an article to find out a little more and discover in particular the unsuspected benefits of our favorite product!

Did you know, first of all, that France is the second largest consumer of chewing gum after the United States, with approximately 490 g of chewing gum per person per year ? Yes, yes... We French are fond of this confectionery with different flavors, more or less sweet, with which we make bubbles.

What are the secrets of gum?

Chewing gum is effective for concentration. Indeed, it stimulates our brain during intellectual efforts because the blood flow increases by 20% to 45%. This acceleration of blood flow is excellent for nerve stimulation and directly impacts the brain system. Concretely, eat a chewing gum to work faster than lightning!

In addition, this chewing also allows us to reduce our emotional stress. Indeed, by chewing our Bonsai, the pressure decreases thanks to the reduction of cortisol (stress hormone). Studies even estimate that chewing gum would be a substitute for nervous agitations, nail biting or cigarettes.

For a bright smile

In addition, chewing our sugar-free and plastic-free chewing gum is effective against cavities! Because yes, this chewing increases our saliva production, which is rich in antibacterial cells. However, these cells present in large quantities allow the elimination of oral bacteria and therefore cavities.

Relax, maintain our oral health but also freshen our breath with natural products... Can you think of chewing gum as a miracle product? Yes, provided you do not pollute the terrestrial and marine ecosystems!

And that's why our chewing gums are biodegradable. For us, the benefits of chewing gum must also extend to the planet! But hey, even if our chewing gums biodegrade into organic components, that's no reason to throw them on the ground... It would be silly not to recycle the cardboard and compost the vegetable cellulose film, wouldn't it?

So, convinced?

Did you know that our chewing gums have so many benefits for our body and for nature? You can then eat it without feeling guilty, because now you know it: there is nothing bad in it!

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