Les adresses écolo du 2e arrondissement

Eco-friendly addresses in the 2nd arrondissement

All good things must come to an end... And it is in the 2nd arrondissement that we end our tour of eco-friendly addresses in Paris. On the program, organic burger and sustainable agriculture!

1- Terroirs of the future , rue du Nil

Terroirs d'avenir was created in 2008 by Alexandre Drouard and Samuel Nahon with the aim of bringing together their two passions: gastronomy and sustainable agriculture. With this in mind, they have opened side by side, rue du Nil, a butcher's shop, a bakery, a fishmonger's, a greengrocer and a creamery.

They are close to their French producers, whom they have met while traveling the roads of France, and adapt their offer according to the seasons.

Terroirs d'avenir began with a role of distributor for restaurants, in order to create a link between producers and chefs. Seeing that it was doing well, they decided to open physical stores in order to be in direct contact with consumers.

How do these shops differ from others, you might ask? Well, with the primeur from Terroirs d'Avenir, for example, traceability is very important, so that all the products show the place of origin and the producer who supplied the product.

The products do not go through Rungis: the company has its own logistics resources, which means that they are not dependent on anyone. The products are either organic or sustainable agriculture, and are mainly chosen for their flavor.

The creators arrange for all employees to meet with the growers, to find out where their products come from and who grows them. They make sure to set a fair price, in order to fairly remunerate the producers, while remaining financially accessible.

Meat farms are outdoors. The approach is totally different from production farms where animal welfare is not taken into account at all. Here, breeders do not do their work for profit, they seek above all to support their regions by creating jobs.

The goal is to convert as many breeders as possible to a more sustainable system.

2- Bioburger , 45, rue des Petits Carreaux, 75002

If you've read our previous blog posts, you might have noticed that we've already talked about this restaurant chain, through the interview with its co-founder Anthony Darré .

Bioburger was born from a mutual taste of its co-founders for the burger. They were tired of having to turn to fast-food giants like McDonald's when they had little time to eat, so they decided to create a healthier and better alternative for the environment: the organic burger.

Their goal is to democratize organic food, and to show that it can be accessible at a fair price, both for producers and for consumers. Thus, their cheapest menu is 9.90 euros, with hamburger, fries or coleslaw, and drink.

100% of the ingredients are organic (even the ketchup!), and there is a vegetarian offer so that everyone can satisfy their thirst for burgers!

In 2019, restaurateurs began a major transition towards zero waste, using compostable and compostable packaging and using second-hand furniture. As at Bonsaï, they have decided to ban plastic from their shops. Because without plastic, it's fantastic!

So do not hesitate to taste, you will surely find what you are looking for among all the burger formulas!

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