Les adresses écolo du 20ème arrondissement

Eco-friendly addresses in the 20th arrondissement

Glad to see you again for this new episode of green addresses! As hectic as a series, isn't it?

Today, our official finder of good addresses, Annabelle Ploix, takes you to the 20th arrondissement of Paris.

1- The Little factory, 15, rue des Vignoles, 75020

After being created by a restaurateur who loves organic foods, this restaurant is now run by a young couple. Outside the (re-)containment period, it is open every day and offers a Sunday brunch. At lunchtime, you can satiate yourself with starter, main course or main course dessert formulas which cost around 15 euros.

Everything is homemade and from organic farming. Wondering what to taste first? Why not the specialities: Drôme ravioli stuffed with spinach and the dishes of the day!

The manager/cook knows what he is doing: after studying at the Ferrandi school, he worked in many restaurants, always with the idea of ​​offering healthy and tasty dishes. At La Petite Fabrique, he offers family cooking but at a higher level than what we could cook ourselves. He cooks vegetables with love, not hesitating to show originality to add flavor. For example, it would be sacrilegious for him to serve hummus simply made from chickpeas! You have to add roasted carrots and grilled fennel to add spice.

The dishes served at lunch are vegetarian, without falling into the "boring" as he says. He favors seasonal and local vegetables, because "buying organic vegetables from New Zealand is of no interest". The manager and cook cooks the vegetables as if they were meat. According to him, cooking the vegetables makes all the difference in the mouth! Just like the perfect marriage with the spices of course.

In the evening, the cooks indulge themselves by letting good meat marinate for about ten hours, by offering a good salmon steak or even tournedos.

So don't hesitate to taste this not-so-small factory located in a very cute corner of the 20th!

2- Namo Bio , 15, rue de la Réunion, 75020

If you were hesitating between going to Reunion or going shopping, you no longer have to choose!

Small photo to make you travel:

I hope you hear the waves whispering sweet words in your ear, your feet tirelessly immersed in the sand...

Anyway, this is an independent organic store, which sells bulk products, fruits and vegetables, bulk cleaning products, cosmetics, food supplements, etc. Perfect for shopping with a low ecological footprint!

The stay in organic and ecological land ends here, but don't worry, we'll meet again soon for new adventures!

The Bonsai team

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