Les adresses écolo du 1er arrondissement

Eco-friendly addresses in the 1st arrondissement

Let's continue our series of green addresses with those in the 1st arrondissement of Paris! Between organic Italian restaurant and organic canteen, your taste buds will quiver with pleasure...

1- Crudus , 21, rue Saint-Roch, 75001

Crudus is an organic Italian restaurant that has existed since 2007. With a limited menu, chef Elio Bombace intends to focus on few dishes, but do them well. Very experienced in catering, he previously opened a restaurant with a Michelin star.

His trademark is not to overcook the vegetables, leaving them almost raw (hence the name of the restaurant). The goal is to preserve the authenticity of the taste of the products, as well as their virtues (we hope that your teeth are strong).

The chef also makes sure to limit the amount of ingredients used. For example, with an artichoke he can also prepare a salad, a steamed side dish or even reuse it in pasta!

The Neapolitan chef is very attached to the quality of his products, which are mostly imported from Italy and adapted to the seasons. On the other hand, we warn you, the addition is not the least!

2- Adam and Eve café, 41, rue Saint-Honoré, 75001

We had a real crush on this café, which has become a canteen for many. Very pleasant waiters, cozy place… it makes you want to spend hours there.

The food offered is healthy, simple, and organic. The goal is to never feel heavy after eating again!

You can personalize your bowls with cereals, vegetables, proteins (meat or other), in order to have all the necessary nutritional contributions. All homemade, often gluten-free, and above all very tasty!

During our visit, we had opted for chicken with rice and vegetables, and it was simply delicious. We felt sated, and yet very light! We therefore recommend 100%.

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