Les adresses écolo du 11ème arrondissement

Eco-friendly addresses in the 11th arrondissement

Let's continue our quest for eco-friendly addresses in Paris, with those in the 11th arrondissement. Vegan restaurant and bulk shop, let's go!

1- Soya, 20, rue de la Pierre Levée, 75011

A few steps from the Saint-Martin canal, this restaurant opened in 2007, bringing life back to an old workshop and an old faucet. Its creator, Christel Dhuit, lived in New Zealand before moving to Paris. She observed the culinary practices there, and decided to reproduce them in France, where there were still few offers of vegetarian food.

Cantine Soya therefore started with vegetarian dishes, then gradually turned completely towards a vegan offer. No more cheeses, and make way for nuts, perfect for providing protein!

The substitutes are designed in an original way, and bring freshness and innovation to your favorite dishes. The ricotta in lasagna, for example, is replaced by cashew nuts. Agave syrup is also one of their key ingredients to replace honey.

In addition, as the name suggests, all the ingredients are organic! So if you are curious to discover vegan and tasty dishes (one does not prevent the other), do not hesitate to have a look!

2- The Naked Shop , 75, rue Oberkampf, 75011

This store was created in December 2018 by Maria del Mar Mella, of Dominican origin who moved to Paris several years ago.

Faced with the inconvenience of using bulk products in many shops, and faced with the lack of choice, she decided to facilitate the process by creating a shop dedicated to liquid bulk cosmetics and cleaning products.

At the risk of surprising, the people working in this shop have no sales training (they learned it on the job): it is thanks to their commitment to the environment that they were selected. They will be able to advise you, between solid cosmetics, zero waste kits, intimate hygiene products, etc.

90% of products are Made in France. The system works via instructions: for the first purchase, the customer can buy a glass container, which he can reuse indefinitely by filling it on the spot. If customers decide to part with their container, for x or y reason, they can return it and be reimbursed, while their bottle will be washed, disinfected, and returned to service.

The bulk system has been designed to be as practical as possible, and so that customers can serve themselves independently. The dispensers are automated and a button is enough to dispense the product into the bottle. Most ? You can see in real time how much it will cost you.

This shop is therefore working to democratize access to everyday products, while limiting waste and carbon emissions. In order to be perfectly anchored in this approach, it is supplied with renewable energy of French origin.

As demand for this type of product is on the rise, don't be surprised if you witness the creation of a second store!

So don't hesitate to go for a walk in these reservoirs of environmentally friendly alternatives!

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