Les adresses écolo du 10ème arrondissement

Eco-friendly addresses in the 10th arrondissement

See you today in the 10th arrondissement of Paris for a new section of green addresses! On the program, organic popular canteen and meeting place for citizen mobilizations...

You will therefore find in the 10th arrondissement:

1- The Bichat, 11 Bichat Street

This restaurant was created by Augustin Legrand, famous for having co-founded the association "Les enfants de Don Quichotte" with his brother. The latter works to eradicate poverty and help homeless people find housing. His fight notably paved the way for the law on the right to enforceable housing, which means that everyone can assert their right to housing.

This defender of the environment, who was a regional adviser for Europe Ecologie-les Verts until 2014, decided to root his values ​​by opening Bichat the same year. He wanted to put an end to junk food, which is undeniably harmful to health and the environment, and to offer organic and seasonal dishes accessible to all. Because you shouldn't have to be rich to be able to eat well!

"The more restaurants like us there are throughout France, the more exemplary we will be, the more we will change things for another model of food", he announced in 2016.

Le Bichat has become a veritable popular canteen, which relies more on the quality and traceability of its dishes (half of the products are produced locally, and they hope to improve further) than on income. Indeed, the prices are very attractive, so the team relies on the volume of sales to be profitable. They prefer to have costs twice as high as other restaurateurs but follow their ethical lineage, so much so that they go so far as to use organic cleaning products.

Between vegan bowls, tapas, soups, meat or even fish, you will find your happiness without hesitation with these dishes at less than 10 euros!

2- The Base, 31, rue Bichat

If you want to get involved in favor of the environment and social justice, this place is made for you! Commonly considered a headquarters for citizen mobilization, this place brings together 10 different associations who have decided to join forces and co-work in this place in order to minimize the cost, knowing that all the workers are volunteers. Many events are organized there, such as conferences, distribution of clothes, meals... You will find the program on their Facebook page!

It is a cozy and colorful place where you can do co-working, have a beer at the bar or chat with committed personalities. If you want to spend more time there, you can also volunteer!

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