La pollution plastique des chewing-gums industriels

Plastic pollution from industrial chewing gum

It may be obvious but, exactly, why make a biodegradable chewing gum? To avoid plastic pollution from industrial chewing gum !

Natural gum vs. polymers

As you know, the secret of our 100% biodegradable and plastic-free Bonsai chewing gum lies in their natural gum : an organic and natural element that does not pollute. Unlike the industrial chewing gum you know well...

Because they are made of an artificial rubber base, made from polymers (plastic from petroleum refining). Why ? Mainly for cost reasons... It was during the 20th century that manufacturers began to replace the natural sap, traditionally used, with an artificial gum base that was cheaper to produce. In order to imitate the elasticity of natural resins, manufacturers add polymers to their new recipe.

Visible traces

If this only affected the composition of chewing gum, it wouldn't be a big deal. But you can imagine: plastic in our food leaves traces! Clearly visible traces as well. Look around you: all the little grayish marks on the sidewalks or the roads are old chewing gum that has washed up and stuck to the bitumen!

To dispose of these crushed chewing gums, municipalities often use powerful jets of water. The chewing gums are then evacuated in the sewers, and eventually reach the rivers, rivers and seas, polluting the waterways.

100,000 tons of plastic pollution every year

However, this plastic takes a very long time to degrade in the environment, especially in water. If it generally takes 5 to 7 years on average before disappearing, its degradation time at sea is estimated at more than 25 years.

This plastic pollution has serious consequences on terrestrial and marine ecosystems. At sea, plastic will break down into micro-plastics that will be ingested by fish and shellfish. This pollution is also toxic because it spreads different chemicals within ecosystems, like the endocrine disruptors BHT and BHA.

Tired of eating plastic?

With Bonsai, you don't have to eat plastic anymore! Today, there is indeed an alternative to chewing gum made from plastic: Bonsaï, natural chewing gum without plastic and 100% biodegradable! Its composition is natural: it is made from sapodilla tree sap and is scented with natural mint aromas. It is also BHT and nanoparticle free.

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