Interview mode de vie durable : Une famille au naturel

Sustainable lifestyle interview: A natural family

New series of blog posts! Discover in an interview how to opt for a more sustainable and eco-responsible way of life thanks to the testimonies of those who try it. We start this series with @une_famille_au_naturel .

When did you decide to opt for a more sustainable, more eco-responsible lifestyle?

We decided to start the adventure in March 2020, before confinement. For some time, we have been thinking that with small simple gestures we could help, on our scale, to protect our planet for us and future generations...

How does this translate into everyday life?

We are not yet perfect. There are still things we don't do, but we'll get there at our own pace... We started by buying creations as we went along, such as tissue paper, make-up remover cotton pads, washcloths, table napkins. And yes, everything is zero waste now!

What is the most complicated point you face in this matter?

I find that the most complicated point is at the level of the races. We really need to do something about this. Stop cooking and stop going to supermarkets. On the other hand, many traders do not adhere to our bulk bags. That's a shame...

What advice would you give to get started?

The advice we would like to pass on concerns the small daily gestures that may seem futile. It is important to keep these small gestures and, very slowly, to carry out others.... There is no point in doing everything at once because it can be very complicated for the people living in the household.

The best quote about it is this: “We don't need a handful of perfectly zero-waste people. We need millions of imperfect people who are doing their best.”

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