Bientôt Noël : nos idées de cadeaux éco-responsables

Soon Christmas: our eco-responsible gift ideas

That's it, the holidays are approaching again and according to custom, you have to find gifts for your loved ones. But inspiration is starting to run out! Don't panic, we have prepared a list of eco-responsible gift ideas for you, in order to please your loved ones without damaging the planet!

We are told in our ears that these products will be even more successful accompanied by a great pack of natural, plastic-free and biodegradable Bonsai chewing gum 😉

So here they are, our eco-responsible gift ideas:

For starters, if you don't already have one, water bottles are a great way to limit plastic consumption. But not just any !

Today, very few water bottles are produced in France. Indeed, while stainless steel is considered the most suitable material because it limits the proliferation of bacteria and allows it to be reused for a long time, the vast majority of stainless steel is produced in Asia. Zeste is one of the rare brands to have created a 100% Made in France stainless steel water bottle. However, they are still working on the isothermal part, knowing that it is very difficult to find factories specializing in this in France.

Gobi is a brand of Made in France water bottle, in reusable plastic this time, without BPA. BPA is a chemical used in the manufacture of polycarbonate plastic materials. The brand is a member of the collective 1% for the planet, and donates 1% of its turnover to associations in favor of the environment.

To go shopping for Christmas, you will obviously have to have shoes on your feet! So in order to counter fast-fashion, Zèta has created pairs of sustainable sneakers, made up of waste from wine production, recycled corks, plastic fished up in the Mediterranean and recycled rubber scraps. Ingenious!

Its suppliers are in Portugal, and the shoes are handmade in a family workshop. The brand is uncompromising on the working conditions of employees, which it closely monitors. The shoes are made from quality materials so that they last as long as possible, but when they become too worn, you can return them to Zèta to be recycled into green fuel!

If you're tired of shampoos that make your hair greasy or just aren't suitable for your scalp, don't hesitate to try the Juste brand ! It offers natural and environmentally friendly shampoos and conditioners. Wrapped in a 100% recycled bottle, the shampoos are tailor-made to best match your hair type. For this, you fill out a form, and in a laboratory, Juste produces a formula that will be adapted to you.

Finally, we wanted to tell you about the underwear brand created by Louise Aubery ( @MyBetterSelf): Je ne sais quoi . Unlike the pseudo-green brands created by many influencers, this one wants to be transparent, inclusive, ethical and eco-responsible. Made from castor thread, a natural and recyclable material, your lingerie will be both gentle for your skin and for the planet!

Thus, you see that there are many alternatives to fast fashion, plastic and polluting materials!

It's all about getting information, and we take it to heart to help you in this process 😊

So Happy Holidays everyone and take care of yourself!

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