Découvrez les secrets de la gomme naturelle de Bonsaï

Discover the secrets of natural Bonsai gum

Our Bonsai chewing gums, 100% biodegradable and plastic-free, are made from natural and organic products, and do not contain aspartame or added sugars.

But do you know what is at the heart of their composition?

We work hand in hand with Mexican producers who supply us with sapodilla sap: the central element of what becomes our famous gum.

These producers cultivate the sap of these trees as part of a culture that respects the environment, forests, and labor. Indeed, this production does not require the felling of trees: the gum is recovered following cuts made in the bark, and we allow time for the tree to regenerate before taking another one.

The sap of this tree is used for our chewing gum because its natural material is easy to work and extract. This sap is then reworked in our factories and finally obtains the real "chewing-gum" texture that you know.

The sapodilla? Never heard of it...

The "manilkara zapota", more commonly known as sapodilla tree, is a fruit tree native to the Caribbean and cultivated in several countries, including Mexico. It produces round, golden and juicy fruits, the sapodillas, which are highly appreciated and consumed in South America.

The sapodilla tree can produce up to 3,000 fruits per year, and is between 9 and 15 meters high, hence its generous production of sapodillas.

Why use sapodilla sap? We didn't invent anything: the peoples of America have been chewing a resin made from this sap for millennia to clean their teeth and soften their breath.

We simply follow the original and natural recipe, before it was replaced by artificial solutions by industrial groups.

We thus advocate naturalness, good for health and pleasure for our loyal consumers.

So, seduced?

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