10 raisons pour lesquelles il faut prendre des chewing-gums Bonsaï

10 reasons why you should take Bonsai chewing gum

No. 1: Its fresh minty taste 

Strong mint or spearmint, it doesn't matter which one you take, it's a very minty breath that you're going to have.

No. 2: Its packaging and its mascots

Blue and green, the Bonsai packaging and their mascots are all the rage with children and adults.

No. 3: Its ecological values 

Bonsaï was born in the face of an observation: the extent of pollution linked to plastic. Indeed, chewing gum is the 2nd most common waste in the world (after cigarette butts). And that's why our Bonsai are compostable!

No. 4: Its quality

Without plastic, without sugar, without aspartame, without nanoparticles, without BHT (stabilizing agent and antioxidant). But what's in it then? What good things! Sapodilla gum and natural aromas.

No. 5: Created by a French start-up

Based in Paris, our teams work every day to respond to each of your requests.

No. 6: An ally for teeth

Thanks to xylitol, chewing a Bonsai will help maintain the mineralization of the teeth.

No. 7: A compostable chewing gum

This is unheard of ! Bonsai chewing gum can go into the compost and its degradation will be complete after a few months!

No. 8: Vegetal yes! But sustainable

Sapodilla tree sap is the main ingredient of Bonsai and no trees are felled during this extraction so we do not deplete the natural resources of the forests or the planet.

No. 9: Made in Europe 

Our laboratories are based in Naples, Italy.

No. 10: An online store, so you never run out of your favorite chewing gums

Bonsaï is a 2.0 brand: we are present in supermarkets but also on the internet to promote the short circuit for your chewing gum.

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