10 gestes Zéro Déchets a adopter - partie 2

10 Zero Waste gestures to adopt - part 2

Reducing your waste is simple! All you have to do is adopt a few daily gestures that will make a difference in your consumption and also in your expenses. Here is the rest of our advice .

4. The filter jug

Why spend up to 200 times more for a bottle when it is enough to invest in a filter jug? Indeed, bottled water costs much more than tap water. This is why we advise you to invest in a carafe in order to recover tap water and filter it (to remove all potential limescale residues).

The filter jug ​​has many advantages:
- A gain of money
- Time saving: no need to fetch water packs, climb floors, etc.
- Space saving: no need to store bottles
- Less packaging

3. Natural household products

Detergent, dishwashing liquid, disinfectant, floor cleaning product and many others are also responsible for the increase in the number of household waste and also water pollution.

Our alternative to switch from chemical detergent to natural detergent: Maison Plouf , which offers clean and customizable anti-waste detergents. Less packaging and less chemical ingredients in these 1 liter detergent cans (equivalent to 50 washes).

2. The tote bag

One of the big trends of the moment: the totebag. Practical, small and even customizable, it is useful in all situations! Would you like a branded Bonsai bag?

1. Gifts are good, without waste is better

In France, 20,000 tons of gift wrap are thrown away each year, for a use that is moreover very limited and instantaneous. We therefore suggest that you put your gifts in pretty boxes that will be reusable.

Thanks to these small daily gestures, you can now smoothly begin your transition to a lifestyle with less waste!

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